Data Room Set Up – Faster and Easier

Modern virtual data rooms are not only able to work faster than the first developments in this field, but also offer many useful options that users can activate on their own. Major advantages also include data room set up and the ability for each customer to customize the interface for their maximum convenience. If you are afraid of not being able to do it yourself, we offer you a short guide to help you in mastering the virtual data room.

How to set up a data room: the basic steps

Virtual data rooms are good for business because they:

  • Offer a one-stop solution for different types of business activities;
  • Optimize the entire workflow, not just certain parts of it;
  • They can be easily adapted to the needs of each individual company.

The last statement also applies to such a feature of virtual data rooms, as the ease of self-configuration. This means that the user can install the software himself, customize it to his needs, and start using it in a few minutes. But to do this, you need to take a few simple steps.

Start by choosing a data room solutions

As ridiculous as it may sound, setting up a virtual data room starts with selecting one. There are many worthy options on today’s market for all tastes and wallets, so finding that perfect platform can take a long time. Don’t rush to get frustrated – it’s better to first take enough time to search and only then proceed with the setup. If possible, use a trial version of the data room and practice setting it up.

Create accounts for users

The hallmark of virtual data rooms is their high security against outside interference and not the least of this security mechanism is the users. Initially, you need to determine how many people will work in your team and by their number create the required number of accounts. Then you can send them an invitation to join you in the virtual data room, providing them with a login, password and user rights. In the future, the number of users can be adjusted depending on the needs of your company.

Populate your data room

Simply put, upload corporate documents to the cloud storage that will be used in your work for the first time. Many data rooms give you the ability to upload folders with large amounts of data and automatically convert them to the format you need to store them. In the future, you won’t need to create documents first and then upload them – you can create documents right in the data room based on ready-made templates.

Protect your virtual data room

To do this, select the type of protection on the control panel, define the exact number of users and their rights to the contents of the file storage, download security certificates, and specify the user devices that are used for work. Many virtual data rooms have an intuitive interface, so you can even configure your own data protection system based on the hints of the platform itself.